Investment in new state of the art machinery pushes recycling and recovery rate of redundant electrical equipment in excess of 99%

Celtic Recycling, the UK leader in the decommissioning and recycling of end of life equipment has invested in a state of the art shredder to further enhance the companies recycling and recovery rate.Historically, difficult wastes such as oil-contaminated insulating paper, pressboard, wood, etc. have been lost as a by-product of copper recovery, or consigned to landfill.

Investment in this new, state of the art equipment will enable these materials to be segregated, shredded and prepared for use as a secondary fuel, thus reducing demand for ever diminishing non-renewable fossil fuels.

Innovative waste management solutions have an integral role to play in responding to increasing legislative pressure to divert waste from landfill and also to reduce demand for natural resources.

Celtic Recycling is very pleased to maintain its position as the market leader in innovative technologies in respect of disposal of heavy electrical equipment.

In addition to saving energy and natural resources, reducing pollution and ultimately diverting waste from landfill, innovative waste management strategies can also provide a means of generating revenue and increasing a company’s profitability through resourceful investment recovery.

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State of the art shredder will further enhance
Celtic Recycling’s recycling and recovery rate

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